Thursday, 3 April 2014

I'm a Person First

 A short rant.

If I hear the words

 'she had a Downs';

 'He didn't want to date me because I have a Downs child'; (consider yourself lucky, Girlfriend)

'They have a Down's syndrome';

'That Down syndrome girl in...'

one more time I am going to...scream, stand on my head on the busiest road I can find, kick a tree, phone George Bush.
This is Lily. She is a serious student, a good neighbor, a friend, a daughter, a guitar player, a poet, a reader, a theatre-goer, an enviromentalist, a teenager, a door-slammer, a cat-lover, a soccer player, a basket-ball player, a fan of her two presidents, a rock-painter, a hiker, a dancer, a budding cook, a granddaughter, a niece, a dedicated recycler, a sister. Furthermore, she is not always happy. She is a person with a full range of emotions. She is not an angel, never will be.

Google Down Syndrome Ireland, they will send you two jpg posters from their 'I'm A Person First' campaign.

Meanwhile, use person-first language. 

Or feck off.


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    1. Great post. Lily also has a wonderful sense of humor and a sweet heart, knows a great song when she hears it.....also, as evidenced above, demonstrates outstanding determination and persistence.

    2. Thanks, Mary. Lily is great. The language surrounding her disability is horrible. I'm not trying to brag about her, just trying to point out that she is not a medical diagnosis. But you already know that. xx