Monday, 23 December 2013

Is Santa real?
No, he is make believe. Santa, and the idea of him, is something adults do to make children happy.
So he's not real?
That makes tears come out of my eyes. I'm all emotion.
It's good to cry.
It's not that great. It's like when my Granddad Frank died. And my Granny, Bridie. And Finn from Glee. How do I stop these tears?
That Santa you saw yesterday at the Down syndrome party was a nice man wearing a Santa suit. He was being kind to all the children. And he told you he would always love you, even if you grew up and stopped believing in him.
Ya, and he thought I liked Niall Horan best, but I don't, I like Harry Stiles. All the girls like Harry best.
That Santa probably thought you liked Niall best because he is from Ireland.
I know I'm Irish but I like Harry from England the best. Will that be bad for Ireland?
Not at all. You can like whomever you like. You can like people from different countries.
I have this magazine about being a teenager, a boy wanted to kiss a girl but she was uncomfortable, what does that mean?
It means she did not want to kiss him. Her emotions told her it just wasn't right. Maybe her heart told her not to. Maybe she was too young. Maybe he wasn't kind enough.
That magazine tells me to wash my hair and eat healthy. But I want to kiss a boy. It makes me all emotion to think about it. Sometimes when I see a boy and a girl kiss on a fil-im I cry.
I'm sure you will have lots of kisses in your future, when you are older.
If Santa is dead will I still get presents?

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  1. I love her way of putting it all. And that she gets to the nitty gritty in the end!