Sunday, 16 June 2013

a musing view: circus no worry zones

The Circus Corvinni came to Ballinderreen and took me away from Father's Day, away from my heart breaking for the children of Syria and all the children of the world who so deserve two hours of joy plus a huge dose of being mended.Circus Corvinni is one family from Westmeath, all muscled, balanced, amusing, gorgeous, musical and together. Their respect for each other and their ancient art of entertainment lifted us. A baby with a mop of blonde curls slept on his mother's lap and spread his dimpled hand and tiny feet over to my lap, I could feel the heat of his slumber and the bouncy excitedness from Lily who is hoarse from all her woo-woos.

We are so lucky to have a circus across the field from our house. So lucky to have met a few people from the parish I'd never seen before. So lucky to rest assured that some troubled asshole with a gun was not there, in this land where most Guards are still unarmed.

I think we should get circus tents, bring them to war-zones and refugee camps, fill them with wonderful music, lentil soup, acrobats, storytellers, musicians, a few bathtubs, maybe some cuddly dogs. Circus no worry zones.

Welcome to my first blog post. The old name of my Peninsula Clarion column (thank you Bonny Headley) from life-times ago has been resurrected. I will write about writing memoir, poetry, Lily, Down syndrome, single parenthood late in life, and literary snippets from writer's I admire.


  1. Welcome to blogland, Mary. And may your blogging be fun and longlived. Nuala x

  2. Thanks, Nuala. The plunge has been taken, now I need to learn to swim in blogland. xx

  3. More, Ms Mullen! Send in the clowns...